How TO Manufacture Baby Kids Children Shoes

Below is the manufacturing processs outline for children shoes.

Step 1: Designing and Pattern Cutting

According to the selected design, the patterns are prepared, checked for accuracy by sample designers, then master patterns are developed. Then these patterns are graded into different sizes and dies are also prepared accordingly.

how to make baby kids shoes

handmade leather baby loafer by china kids baby shoes factory

Step 2: Clicking

Shoe upper, lining and inner sole are cut from suitable materials by the help of dies with the clicking press or manually by the skilled workers. While clicking, it’s essential to consider the importance of the component and the corresponding portion of leather, direction properties of components and that of leather portion, degree of defects and the best possible inter lock to have minimum wastage. The components are to be necessarily marked with sizes and sides are separately to avoid the confusion.

cutting leather for making kids shoes

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Step 3: Closing

The cut components are checked to sizes and defects, skived to the edge, folded and other edge treatments are done as per the specification. These are assembled together with adhesive and finally stitched. The eyelets are fixed; The upper is checked and then sent for next operation.

china factory making baby shoes

china factory making baby shoes from

stitching leather baby shoes

stitching leather baby shoes by kids toddler shoes manufacturer

Step 4: Bottom Components Preparation:

Bottom components such as the insole, toe – puff and stiffener are cut from suitable
materials and skived as per specification. The PVC sole is cleaned with the solvent like Methyl – Ethyl- Ketone (MEK) and applied with chemical primer (Halogen) and dried.

hard sole for kids shoes

Step 5: Construction and shoe making:
The toe –puff, stiffeners are inserted between upper and lining at the toe and back part. The insole is fixed on the last and the upper is mounted onto it by pulling the toe part, back part and the finally side portion. The edges art hammered for smooth feather edge. The bottom filling is done into the cavity formed due to lasting. The surface is then scoured and roughened to level, the rough surface is then cleaned with solvent like MEK and dried.

Both the sole and lasted upper surface are then applied polyurethane adhesive and allowed to dry completely. The dried surfaces are then reactivated to grain adhesion properties and then the sole is fitted on the lasted upper accurately and pressed under Sole attaching machine for strong and permanent bond. In this condition the shoe is kept for few hours for
a permanent shape.

handmade baby shoes

handmade baby shoes from

Step 6: Finishing:

The upper and sole is then cleaned and finished with the wax and other finishing
chemicals. The shoe is then de-lasted, cleaned from inside, inserted with stamped sock
lining, the laces are attached, inspected and packed for dispatch.

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